Our Videos Styles

Experience tells us that an attractive video will not be effective if it is not presented to the target audience in the right way. Therefore, in Diburama the form is as important as the background. We present the styles that we elaborate in full and that we update as technology evolves and new trends emerge.

Animated Cool video: Our specialty. The style of this video is based on a previous creative search to achieve a unique and particular style for each client. In this type of video you can choose a series of predesigned characters or incorporate new designs specially designed for each client and situation. Character animation is the strong point of these videos, as it brings freshness and dynamism to the presentation. There are no creative or technical limits in this style.



Scribing Video: The style of this video focuses on the appearance of hands drawing the illustrations or drawings that explain the project, providing vitality and connection with the viewer who sees the video. The video can be made with different types of hand and writing supports. It can be presented in black ink or in colors. The illustrations that are drawn are designed exclusively for each client and presentation.




Line Video: The style of this video focuses on the creation of illustrations through an animated line, which brings simplicity and elegance to the message. The illustrations or drawings that are drawn can be in color or black and white. These drawings are designed exclusively for each client and presentation.




Iconographic video: The main aesthetic basis of these videos is the use of corporate colors as a visual element in the background and element that accompany the presentation. Another point to emphasize is the incorporation of typographical texts that help to enhance the visual message, accompanied sometimes by a voice in of. The graphic elements can be represented by iconographies specially designed for each presentation, although they can also be displayed by means of archival photographs or photographs sent by the client.



3D Video: 3D video is based on the representation of reality through the modeling of three-dimensional objects. It is a very spectacular product designed especially to generate excitement in events and trailers.





Real + Motion graphics video: The real video + motion graphics, is a good way to represent a corporate brand through gallery elements, selected in a very meticulous way with the integration and modification of animated graphics that bring dynamism and spectacular video.




Testimonial video: The testimonial video is a corporate style that helps to create proximity between the client and the company that is represented. It is a good video to get veracity of the brand and the products that are shown to me.



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