1-What is it that affects the final price of a video?

The duration of the video, the style and level of complexity of the animation, the duration of the professional voice over and also 3D animations, which are more expensive than 2D.

2-What is the advisable duration of an explanatory video?

A one minute video is perfect to engage the audience. The longer it goes on the faster the spectator loses interest in what they are seeing and stops paying attention.

3-Are the styles that can be found on your website the only ones that you can create?

Not at all! Our creative team is eager to impress you with new and personalized styles.

4-When can I expect to receive my video?

It depends on the type and style of the video. Normally, it takes us 2 or 3 weeks to deliver the final version

5-Could you make a video in one week?

Yes, but it will have an additional cost. Bear in mind that in this case, the approval of the script and storyboard could not take longer than 12h on behalf of the customer.

6-Can you apply any style on any type of video (explanatory, tutorial, app video…)?

Yes. There is no limitation to choose the visual style that you want for your type of video.

7-Once the script and the storyboard have been approved, can I request a change during the production and animation stage?

Yes, but any change made after the approval will increase the final cost of the project.

8-What are the payment terms?

We request 50% of the total amount at the beginning of the project and the remaining 50% when we deliver the video. In case that you cannot commit to these terms, contact us.

9-What are the available languages for the off voice?

We work using an international data base of professional native off voices. It is very rare that we don’t find the language that you need.

10-Can I request a video in Full HD?

Yes, but additional costs apply

11-Can you edit part of a promotional video with my own material?

Yes, but we need to receive your video in a minimum HD format (1280px x 720px)

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